A family business!

Customize your holiday!

Italy With Relish has been a small family run business since 1995 created by Jonathan Arthur, an English man who chose Tuscany as the ideal place to start his family.

Having come here from abroad himself decades ago, Jon knew our clients were looking for the same things he came in search of: the real food, the real people, the real Italy! He also realized that by keeping the business in the family he was able to give a more genuine service at a lower price.

With the growing tourism industry, the search has become always more difficult for those who seek authenticity. Here at Italy With Relish we do it our way! Our network of collaborators has been built throughout the years based on respect, quality and friendship rather than commissions and numbers.

We are a family and before being a client you are our guest. This allows us to tailor our activities and holidays to you (and your budget). This also means that you’re dealing always with the same few people and not with a different operator every time. Our clients come back because with us it feels like home!


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we are based in Cortona