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Organizing a wedding can be complicated and stressful, especially if trying to organize one abroad. However, getting married in Italy might be just the solution for you! It’s actually possible to save money while getting the most extraordinary surroundings for your special ceremony.

In Italy, like everywhere else when the word “wedding” is mentioned, the prices suddenly sky-rocket! The catering is doubled in price, the flowers are suddenly extortionate and so the slippery slope to bankruptcy begins. This is what we are here for:  we make sure you have an amazing time without the extra charge. All you need to do is turn up!

With our own catering and decorating team we are able to insure everything is just how you want it without being ripped off.

  • Let us take care of the paperwork
  • Choose from our selection of villas which one suits best your crowd
  • Choose one of the many beautiful churches of the area or get married at the medieval city hall of Cortona (and then walk down the splendid stone steps in the picture above)
  • Choose a menu with traditional delicacies that fits all dietary requirements along with the best wine bought straight from the producer.
  • Choose the decorating theme and get visual updates of the progress

Give a touch of authenticity to your wedding with some of our budget ideas:


  • A professional lyrical singer to accompany your celebration
  • Arrive in an original retro white fiat500
  • Home made tokens for the guests with local traditional products
  • Go hunting pheasant for your stag day out (and eat the game at the wedding feast)
  • Go wine tasting in a 700year old cellar for your hen day out
  • Personalize your wedding also with the wine label



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