A family business!


From neck deep in history to floating around markets, our tours give an all rounded taste of the culture!

Elisabeth is a fully certified historical tour guide. Her area of expertise is Tuscany and in particular Florence, but her repertoire offers also certain parts of Umbria.

She wants this experience to stick in your memory for ever and for that she has the ultimate recipe: an alchemy of history, art and food; a delicate balance between shopping, site seeing and ice cram! Most importantly, as with every service we offer, we tailor the guided tour to you. Just how much history and just how much ice-cream depends on your interests and your mood.

Forced marching through museums and firing dates at you is easy. Unfortunately often this is not the way to keep visitors interested. There are many things a guided tour can be, but it should never be boring!
This is why Elisabeth’s guided tours come highly recommended from guests ranging from 8 to 80 years old.


Cradle of the renaissance!

Florence is the city that fulfills the senses. Admire The Uffizi Gallery, not just a museum, but a compelling story of human culture illustrated by the greatest geniuses of art history. Enjoy the blissful fragrances created by the Dominican monastery turned pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella. Taste excellent wines accompanied by local delicacies whilst overlooking the Pitti Palace.

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we are based in Cortona

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