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jimdrawWhether you’re a beginner or an accomplished artist, Tuscany has so much to give you!

Sarah Miatt has been an art teacher for thirty-five years. After receiving  her fine arts degree in Sheffield she started teaching life drawing classes in Holland then England before going on to teaching oils and other mediums.  She was also invited to teach in North Carolina and is an established teacher for Painting in Italy a high end painting holiday agency for artists.

You can find out more about Sarah Miatt at www.sarahamiatt.it

At her studio…

…in the Tuscan countryside you can choose from a wide range of mediums for the lessons:

watercolours, pastels, oils and even engraving (an exciting jump into the past using the instruments of Rembrandt and Morghen)


…are the reason many artists fall in love with Italy. Our painting excursions will take you to olive groves, medieval hill top towns and rolling Tuscan hills or to breathtaking cityscapes such as Assisi, Florence, Siena and many more.


Beginner’s Lesson

Don’t worry if you have never held a paint brush in your life. Painting in Tuscany is an experience for everyone to enjoy!

Our Beginner’s lesson is an activity designed for both adults and children who have never painted before. In only a few hours you’ll have a finished watercolour piece to take home, your very own Tuscan landscape!



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we are based in Cortona

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