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Maybe it’s just us or maybe it’s just Italy but food holds a special and rather big place in our hearts. We certainly want you to go home feeling the same way! From the choice of the restaurant to the choice of the ice-cream shop we leave nothing to chance.


An element of excellence in Italian culture is of course our wine. This is also another field in which it is often difficult for tourists visiting Italy to have a really genuine exchange. Wine is an art to be enjoyed in the appropriate situation. We are proud to say these experiences we offer our clients are often one of the reasons they come back. The vineyards we visit are few in number and carefully selected.

You will enjoy breathtaking views in an atmosphere of relaxed friendliness, often with the owner himself.

When visiting cities like Florence we also like to take you to exceptional wine bars to taste and discuss different varieties from all over the country with educated sommeliers. From views of Pitti Palace to cellars dug out of volcanic rock, your wine adventures with us will be terribly exiting.

Olive Oil


In use since the time of the Etruscans, olive oil is still to this day maybe the most precious product of this land.

In this case it’s value is not given by carats but by acidity level and that’s when the terms virgin and extra virgin come in.

A virgin olive oil acidity level is up to 2%.

An extra virgin olive oil acidity level is up to 0,8%.

Only with a mechanical process can we obtain a product of this quality.

By visiting a working olive mill not only will you be tasting this wonderful product straight from the source, but you will be learning all there is to know from the producer him self.

To have a more authentic and complete experience we take you to a family which has been making oil for generations. Here in this mill from the eighteen hundreds you observe how olive oil is made today but also how it was made in the past.


thank you to David Whitesock and Curtis Egan for their photography.

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