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IMG_7789 in particular is the reason Jonathan started this whole business in the first place. Our cooking courses range from demonstrations to full-on workshops, from generic three-course meals to specific pasta making courses.


Learnt the traditional recipes as well as the adaptations that you may have to make with the ingredients you will find in your own country.

Get a historical background of Italian and Tuscan cooking… some dishes have very extravagant stories!

We only use raw materials and when possible we like to involve clients in the purchasing of them at local food markets or even in obtaining them from the natural source.

The choice of the wine is never left to chance. Combining the right food with the right wine is fundamental.

Our cooking courses are fun for all ages (small children are very much welcome! the more mess the more fun!) and adaptable to all dietary requirements.

The courses are held in kitchens we rent for this purpose but when possible also in the villas where the clients stay.

Check out our guest book to get a peek at our courses and check out our recipes section.



lindacook After studying at the accomplished Artusi School of Cooking in Chianciano Terme, Linda has had a variety of work experiences around the world including London where she perfected her English. Her education in the art of cooking is topped up by an all rounded knowledge of history and culture, which made her an ideal successor to Jonathan.

During the winter months Linda Likes to travel the world and learn new things. Last year she spent a long time working in a four star restaurant in New Caledonia so as to perfect her French. This winter she spent in Mexico learning Spanish.

On Linda’s courses not only do you learn the tradition but also the innovation in Italian cooking. As presentation is very important to her you will also learn to create some dishes which are beautiful as well as tasty!



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we are based in Cortona

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