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We choose the right accommodation for YOU based on YOUR needs and YOUR budget!

Based in medieval hilltop town of Cortona and the surrounding area, we have all sorts of accommodation to choose from for every kind of holiday. Here are just a few of our favourites:


For people travelling alone or for couples we recommend a room in an adorable B&B in the most central part of town, allowing you to move comfortably around Cortona. Breackfast is served at any time in Nessun Dorma Café, famous in Cortona for it’s coffee and cappuccino.

All rooms have Wi-Fi and airco.


For couples who need a bit more space or small groups of friends we have a range of apartments of different sizes to choose from, all within the city walls. We also provide a choice between full-fridge at the beginning of your stay (which includes local specialities, organic fruit and home made delicacies) or breakfast at the Café .

All apartments are equipped with functioning kitchens, Wi-Fi and airco.


For families and groups of friends often a Villa is the best choice. Choose from a wide selection the one best suited to your requirements! All the villas we offer are in wonderful locations with breathtaking views, all furnished in style and all equipped with a perfectly functioning kitchen!

Our team also provides breakfasts and other meals, tastings and cooking courses at the villa.

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we are based in Cortona

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