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Jankord&Sturdevant Wedding

Half a year has gone by since one of the most wonderful experiences this job has given me.

12390912_2814309205801_425824140394808149_n.jpgIt all started two years ago in a villa just outside Cortona that overlooks the enchanting renaissance church of Santa Maria del Calcinaio. My father and I had just arrived there with our clients: the Jankords and the Sturdevants, two families united by their son’s and daughter’s love. Briefly after their arrival Brad proposed to beautiful Anna in the garden near the pool and soon enough all of us were in tears.

During the week that followed my father Jonathan and Anna’s father Jim (the two master minds behind this wedding) came up with the idea of celebrating this special event “right here”, in the same Villa as they got engaged in.

Unfortunately my father didn’t get to see it all happen as a year later he was hospitalized and was to never come back home. He did however organize something amazing and the Italy With Relish team he had set up was able to carry it out.

12489408_2838806298213_7452106500043311534_oAnna&Brad’s wedding was just like they are: classic but unique.

The stag’s night out in fact was not a night at all, but a day out hunting pheasant which was then cooked for the wedding feast. Anna’s bachelorette party consisted in a visit to Pienza followed by a luxurious wine tasting on a terrace overlooking Val D’Orcia.

The wedding was celebrated just outside the villa, among the olive trees with Cortona and Santa Maria del Calcianio as a backdrop.

12484781_2838796777975_7685186755455286632_o.jpgThis same splendid view had inspired Jim the year before to paint a lovely watercolour which became the invite as well as the wine label for the wedding dinner.

The setting was breathtaking and so was the bride! From a visual point of view this wedding was incredible and fortunately some really good photographers where there to make it immortal. For this selection of wonderful pictures we have Falk Photography to thank.

But what really made this experience unforgettable for me  was the guests. Anna&Brad came to Italy with an army of fun loving friends and family who really rocked this wedding. 12514032_2838795537944_129783450053141519_o.jpg

Laughter and joy filled the days spent by this crazy crowd in Cortona. I would say I did a good job but the truth is there was no way of stopping these guys from having a blast.

This was a dream come true not only for Anna&Brad, but also for their parents and for mine too. No wonder it felt like family.



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